F2 Concept 4 Freestyle-Wave Sail

F2 Concept 4

Well-established board brand F2 recently got into sailmaking too, and now announce their first 4-batten sail – the F2 Concept 4

Concept 4 is our brand new 4 batten sail, a true freestyle-wave sail. Whether flat water tricks or big breakers, the Concept 4 is able to convince in all waters. This all thanks to its super-light handling and balanced riding performance.

In addition, enhanced with X-ply, the Concept 4 withstands hard landings and complex tricks. It is available in five sizes, while the sizes 4.8 / 5.2 and 5.6 represent the Rodeo Pro Models, which match our Rodeo World Cup board in terms of function and design perfectly. New school sailing – there is no way around the Concept 4!


• minimum mast concept

• short mast and boom concept

• use of extremely durable sailcloth in the luff and foot

• ultra-light handling with lots of power to stand any NEW school tricks

• many panels reinforced with X-Ply which is extremely durable

• extra large mast protector

• cover for batten tension

• low trim forces by trimming block Bigwheel

• strap-on for fixing rolled sail


4.0m | 4.4m | 4.8m | 5.2m | 5.6m

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