Fanatic launch 2011 Skate

Fanatic have brought forward the launch of next year’s Skate freestyle board…

Gollito tries out the new Skate. Photo: Tom Brendt

Thanks to our Triple Freestyle Champ Gollito Estredo and Andre Paskowski’s input, the Skate line’s leapt into a new dimension born of generations of global test winners.

Key Features:

– Rounder nose and slight increase of outline width

– Thinner rails between the feet for improved carving freestyle manoeuvres

– Fuller and softer rails in the nose for catch-free sliding

All 3 sizes (90, 100 & 110) come in light and stiff Team Edition (TE) with Carbon Kevlar deck and Biax Carbon bottom, and unique faded metallic airbrush over carbon graphics and sexy polished rail effects. 100 and 110 also available in lightweight Biax Glass construction with light finish.

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