New Flymount camera mount

A mast-mount shot using the Flymount

This summer sees the launch of a new and unique camera mount for action sports. As used by Mark Angulo, Federico La Croce and Monty Spindler.

The Flymount

Designed by windsurfers, the Flymount is a pocket sized, featherlight camera mount that can be attached to the equipment of virtually any action sport. Made from high grade glass reinforced nylon and stainless steel, the Flymount can be used in any weather conditions from snow to saltwater.

Flymount unmounted

Although aimed at the new generation of waterproof / shockproof cameras like the Pentax W90, the Flymount will hold any camera that has a standard tripod mounting point, including lightweight DSLRs.

Boom-mounted Flymount

Its low weight and compact size make it an ideal choice for mast or boom mounted photography, allowing people to film themselves windsurfing with the same camera they’d take their holiday snaps on – Mark Angulo recently used one to capture the world’s first ever mast top clip of a Mutant.

Another Flymount mast-mount shot

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