Globalshots reveals Lefkada’s dark side…

Jay Haysey from Globalshots reports on their latest photoshoot on the Greek island of Lefkada…

Colin Dixon

With the forecast looking better and better for the north shores of Lefkada, the Globalshots team went on an adventure in search of some undiscovered spots!

It was 7 in the evening, we knew we had at least 2 hours left before sunset so the road trip was on, we were looking for a small Greek white church which sat on its own small island about 1km from the main island of Lefkada, we frantically rigged our kit and set off to the church, the riders practicing there moves as i sussed out some good spots around the church to get the picture we wanted! Starting on the upwind side there was a small brick wall that came away from the church and out into the sea, creating a tiny lagoon sheltered by a low wall on three sides! From the riders point of view there was no space to make mistakes as they would of had a face full of bricks! Adding to the danger there was another brick wall that was about 10 inches under the water which Max Rowe decided to visit on a few occasions! So with a couple of broken boards and some great shots captured it was time to move to the downwind side of the church as the sun was setting through the scattered clouds! Wading out through the water it was Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon, Max and Bubble sending some awesome moves as i was having a competition to see how many sea urchins i could get into the bottom of my feet!! Overall it was an awesome photo shoot and we got some great results! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Jay is sponsored by: Goya, Dunkelvolk Clothing, Spartan Wetsuits and Vibe Chewing Gum