Jamie Gibbs in Dahab, Egypt, by Jay Haysey

Fuelled by action, Globalshots is blazing a path through the extreme sports world, on the endless hunt for the ultimate experience. The Globalshots team dare to step away from the mainstream, scouring high and low for the next greatest location, the freshest tracks and the most insane tricks.

An elite team of athletes at the top of their game are breaking down barriers and daring to do things differently, riding areas that others won’t, pulling new ground-breaking manoeuvres and risking everything to leave the Globalshots mark where ever they have been.

The instantly recognisable ‘G’ is famed for, sensational media that brings the action alive, mind-blowing events, radical ideas, monster parties and of course it’s incredibly unique clothing line.

With its sights set at being the greatest extreme sports brand on the market, the Globalshots team will stop at nothing and accomplish everything to achieve its goals, so watch out and get ready to join the revolution … isn’t it time you started doing things refreshingly different!?!

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