Goya Sails Banzai 2012

Josh Stone

The all-new 4-batten Banzai is a low-end focused, power wave and maneuver sail, with quick and constant power delivery. The reduced batten count and super-light scrim materials throughout, make the construction utmost light. Stability is achieved through the unique Carbon Fiber Stretch Control System that supports the entire sail body, and the large monofilm window offers incredible visibility. The Banzai’s low end range is massive because of its power profile, lightness and responsiveness. When paired with a modern high volume board, the Banzai will allow you to use a smaller size sail than before. For example an average size guy on a Custom Quad 84 can use a 4.6 Banzai when normally riding a 5.0 Guru or Eclipse. The Banzai concept is all about generating as much lift as possible in a smaller sail size. Because of the tight leech and central draft profile, the Banzai provides extremely quick planing, plus quick and responsive handling in maneuvers. Super quick rake and sheet angle adjustments are effortless on this sail. The huge monofilm window provides incredible visibility through the sail allowing you to anticipate your path through the water ahead.

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Keith Teboul
Keith Teboul