Graham Ezzy Hits Jaws with K4 Fins

Graham Ezzy at Jaws

K4 Fins team rider Graham Ezzy sailed Jaws for the first time using K4 fins. Here is how it all happened:

“Last week on Maui the swell was lining up to be massive enough for Jaws to break. I was excited for the big waves but also a bit worried because the only fins I had were my new sets of K4 plastic fins. And while I loved the fins in smaller waves, I wasn’t sure whether they would be too flexible for the big bottom turns at Jaws. Without too much thought, I threw in a pair of 15″ back fins and 7″ front fins on my quad board. I was the first windsurfer to ride a quad board at Jaws back in 2009, and last week I think I was the first windsurfer to ride plastic fins there. The best part was that the fins worked amazingly. I was able to push really hard in the bottom turns without anything close to a spinout. And I was even able to throw a big air. It was the first time K4 fins were used at Jaws but it most definitely won’t be the last!”

Keep up with Graham at and K4 fins at K4 fins are available at your local shop, front quads and tris £22.95 and rears £44.95

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