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Guy Cribb scores Kimmeridge

Cribby reports from a chilly session at K-Bay…

On Monday 13-time British Champion Guy Cribb made the most of a bit of winter wind and swell to score a good session at Kimmeridge. Sounds like it was a cold one, but judging by the photos he had a great session! We hand over to Guy for his report:

“It was just 5 degrees in the UK. After watching for an hour thinking it was too cold, I eventually hit the water. I sailed for two hours, using my 5.1 Fly2 and JP 83 Single Thruster at Kimmeridge Bay until the sun touched the horizon. Like every day windsurfing, I loved it! Cant wait for the next 5 degree session- very invigorating!”

Guy enjoying himself at Kimmeridge. Photos by Paul Beames