Hot Sails Maui GPS

The Hot Sails Maui team is proud to present their new GPS…

Hot Sails Maui GPS

The Grand Prix Speed (GPS) is a maximum performance sail for racers. The latest evolution of the GPS incorporates a new 3-d shaping technique that improves airflow over the sail and promotes better dynamic performance.

About the 3-d shaping:

The new 3-d shaping system is very special as it allows us to change the twist of the sail without changing the depth of the sail and vica-versa.

This has opened up new doors in sail design and is redefining what a sail should look like in terms of shaping and twist. We are able to generate more power from the sail without sacrificing efficiency which leads to better low end improved acceleration and ultimately faster speed

The GPS developed specifically for speed and world cup racing and is registered with the Professional Windsurfing Association. This sail excels in the hands of expert riders and is super stable when fully loaded. The amazing stability allows the sailor to handle more power that is easily controlled and converted to maximum speed. The previous GPS swept the Aruba Hi Winds in men’s and women’s fleets, and has dominated youth racing with IFCA world championship wins. The 2011 sails build on this success. The GPS is designed for the Hot Rod RDM mast, but is SDM compatible, supplied with an extra set of cambers.

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