It’s All Going On In North Wales

The north west of wales is being completely revamped and will have even more attractions for the watersports minded.

The news has it the BBC today that a new wave garden called ‘Surf Snowdonia‘ will be built, to include a “wave garden” with lagoons, water slide, a wakeboard lake, lodges, restaurant, retail and play facilities along with a main car park for up to 250 spaces, which all sound like A LOT of fun for a no wind day.

Surf Snowdonia, what it could look like…

Just around the corner, should the wind blow, is Colwyn Bay Watersports which launched last year as a community interest company providing watersports training and activities. Running a whole host of windsurfing, sailing and more courses it’s well worth a visit too.

Who’s up for a trip to North Wales then???

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