Jem’s Jeri Apartment

Jem Hall’s apartment in Jericoacoara is available to rent now.

The apartment in Casa do John

As Jem Hall has been testing, training, coaching and doing photo shoots in Jericoacoara, Brazil for the last 7 years it is no wonder the place has become very special to him. He loves it so much that Tony Ford, Darren Langton and him bought one of the apartments out there in Casa do John with a view to staying there whenever possible and also to rent out. The 2 bedroom First floor apartment, with ensuite bathrooms and a huge living room, has great views and is superbly finished with a full set up for self catering and of course has air con and natural wind assisted cooling. There is also a lovely pool in the plush gardens. Contact to discuss prices and look at the pics on

There is a further opportunity to invest in property in Jeri at the Serrote breezes project, which is being built by the main man John Cox. Whether you just want a holiday home or are looking for a sound investment the guaranteed wind, warm water and sweet waves of this beautiful town certainly create a strong pull. Contact Jem for lots more info.