Jem’s Jewels

Ladies! Get windsurfing in 2013!

Rachel Tucker

Join Jem Hall for a week of coaching at the legendary spot of Prasonisi from the 12th to 19th June. ‘Jem’s Jewels’ is a week geared towards the female windsurfer. It’s a great opportunity to make the most of Jem’s superb coaching skills, meet some like-minded people and enjoy sailing in a safe and supportive environment.

Jem will be assisted by Rachel Tucker who will be providing support, inspiration, encouragement and the toppest of tips! She is an experienced instructor, great sailor and fantastic addition to the coaching tour. The week has a number of places set aside for ladies allowing you to get the best out of the focused tuition and giving you the opportunity to have shared rooms to keep costs down. Any remaining places will be filled by men or women, so you can bring male friends, partners or husbands…if they’re invited!

For more info please take a look at or ask away!

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