Jo Wright does Aussie Kiss

The first of many Aussie Kiss 11 write ups makes it’s way onto screens today; Starboard/Tushingham rider Jo Wright gives a quick run down of the event. 

The ultimate balance point game

Last weekend 600 students descended on Bude Holiday Park by night and Roadford Lake by day, for what was an epic weekend!

Tushingham and Starboard were represented well with Sam Ross and Luke Green providing 2 vans full of demo kit and some epic tuition over on the beginner beach, with over 160 beginners making it on the water over the weekend.

Sam Sills and his team from Southampton Solent won the team racing and then Sam and I took the Edges out for a twirl in the light wind freestyle competition which was great fun, even winning a few prizes a along the way!

The students were kept well entertained over the weekend with a tow-in competition, tuition and demo kit for all levels, some pro tow-in action, 2 insane parties, live bands, stalls, great weather and even banana boat rides!

It was a great start to the SWA year allowing all windsurfing clubs to get together, new members to see what it was all about and everyone to take to the water!

For a full gallery of images from Tushingham at Aussie Kiss head to their Facebook page here. Check out more about Jo and the rest of the Tushingham team here.

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