Juice Boardsports Fraisthorpe Demo

Juice Boardsports hosted another successful demo day this weekend and with sunshine, an abundance of few gear and a little bit of wind there were a lot of smiling faces. 

Boards caught up with Gump, the man in charge of Juice Boardsports, to find out more about the weekend. 

“What a weekend! The best ever I think!
Saturday was sunny and warm with light winds, using big sails and boards most were up and planing. The Saturday night beach BBQ was great, good music, great atmosphere, fun and lots of beers.
On Sunday the winds increased and cross offshore giving ideal demo conditions to tempt out those throbbing heads from the party the night before.  Whitey was on hand with his demo kit and camera too, so check out his photos from the day.
Overall my favourite demo ever, good conditions, fantastic destination, great people and  amazing kit .”
Check out a selection of images from Dave White of the weekend.
For more about Juice Boardsports head to their website here. 

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