MauiSails Loco 2011

See Taty Frans putting his signature sail, the new MauiSails 2011 Loco, through its paces in Bonaire. The Loco is sized 4.0 to 6.4m in 0.4m increments…

The Locos got lots of love this year inspired by our work with the amazing Taty Frans, the Bonaire freestyle wizard and PWA leader. His desire for a new 4.0 and 4.4 design developed on a 370 mast has added two very useful high wind sizes to this already efficient lineup of sails that are ready for flying and flipping in total control. The other sizes also got plenty of attention. The slightly flatter upper profile and more progressive leech tension are in perfect synch for the modern freestyle maneuvers that are made possible by having this type of balance and control. Just ask Taty and he will tell you these new sails make him fly!

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