The Met Office Needs You!

The Met Office provide up to date and accurate forecasts for across the UK and now they want to improve their forecasting to help water users! They are calling for windsurfers, sailors, kitesurfers, etc to share their feedback to make the information they can provide us with even better.

“We’re running an on-line survey over the next two weeks to better understand how the weather affects your sport and how we can improve our forecasts to better meet your needs and improve your safety.

We particularly want members of the public who undertake the following activities: angling (from a boat), kite surfing, water-skiing, surfing, power boating, scuba-diving, sailing, kayaking or rowing.

Working with partners such as the RNLI, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Plymouth University we will use this information to develop new content that improves safety, for example forecasting whether there is an increased risk of a rip current at a site under particular weather conditions.

Take part in the survey now.

This survey also being promoted by the RNLIMaritime and coastguard agency and  ROSPA (Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents).

The Met Office currently provides forecasts for around 450 beaches around the UK, updated every hour and underpinned by world leading science and technology.”

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