Minds Wide Open / Andre Paskowski Update

Minds Wide Open filming

Andre Paskowski has been in touch with the latest on his much anticipated sequel to Four Dimensions, with pictures by Michael Sumereder…

As most of you probably know, we’ve been working for a long time on a new movie called Minds Wide Open. We have already finished filming and are working on the final cut. So today we could release our website and our trailer on

The ultimate goal is to put windsurfing action in a nice, artistic light, to remind everybody how beautiful windsurfing is and how much quality it adds to our ‘normal’ lives.

I am also very glad to announce that I was sailing on Lake Garda just four days ago. It was a strange but very great feeling after 1.5 years and made me even more convinced that this movie is the right direction for our sport.

Thanks for your support,