NeilPryde 2012 Collection

NeilPryde introduce their all-new 2012 performance sail range. Built tough, prepared and ready for just about anything.

Following on from the successful use of our unique printing technology in 2011, the 2012 collection has evolved the patterns and colours to achieve more sophisticated and visually exciting results. And not only do the sails look good, they are also built tough. The 2012 collection features new reinforcements such as Armour Web and Twin Seams that considerably improve the durability and resilience of the sails.

The 2012 collection:


• Atlas

• The Fly2

• Combat


• Firefly

• Fusion

• Fusion HD

Flat Water

• Solar

• HellCat

• H2


• Dragonfly


• Experience

This Thursday (4th August) Pryde Group UK will be launching the new 2012 Windsurfing Products for NeilPryde and JP Australia at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole, Dorset.

The showroom will be open from 7pm until 9pm. All windsurfers are more than welcome to come along and chat to Chris Martin from Pryde Group UK about the products, meet some of the local stores and grill team riders on their kit.

Pryde Group UK will also be showing new movie tasters from Jason Polakow and Team Rider Guy Cribb will be doing a presentation on his Channel Crossing he made with Antoine Albeau in a 30 knot storm. So expect some kind of slide show and beers.

These evenings are not just about showing off the kit but a great night to meet other windsurfers and learn something new. Hope to see you there!!!

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