NeilPryde Combat Tour

Ricardo and the NeilPryde Combat Tour

NeilPryde introduce their Ricardo Campello signature sail, the Combat Tour

Combat Tour will suit a rider looking for extreme durability and versatility, performing equally well in all conditions. The Tour’s clear window improves visibility for better positioning on the wave – or just to keep an eye on your competition.

ArmourWeb construction for optimum durability – with monofilm window for optimum visibility.

Moderate luff curve and shaping making the sail extremely versatile.

Low aspect ratio keeps the power low down where it can be controlled easily.

Progressive luff curve: Makes the sail tuneable to accommodate its versatility. The sail will always have a reasonable draft in the bottom, under minimal and maximum downhaul settings.

Ricardo Campello: “Combat is easily tuned to suit many conditions, from onshore to side-shore. TeamPryde needed a competition-ready version of this great, versatile sail. Adding a clear window to the Combat gave us the added advantage of better visibility in the waves. Having Combat Tour now makes me prepared for all competition conditions.”


3.7 355 148

4.0 365 152

4.2 372 156

4.5 381 160

4.7 389 164

5.0 404 168

5.3 416 172

5.6 428 176

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