NeilPryde Racing Series

Check out this promo for the new NeilPryde Racing Series. An RS:One and RS:X Evolution concept world tour with prestigious city stop overs.
This video will be shown around the world on channels such as Bloomberg and ESPN. For full TV listings visit

The RS:One has been developed to allow young athletes to take first steps towards Olympic competition and for weekend racers to compete. The RS:One isn’t just another windsurfing product – it is an exciting opportunity to grow the sport of windsurfing.
The RS:One will have a similar distribution model to the RS:X with strong partners who are able to supply stock and after-sales service.

RS:X Evolution
The RS:X Evolution is NeilPryde’s evolved RS:X concept that will be submitted to the ISAF for the 2016 Rio Olympic campaign. The RS:X Evolution features a lighter board which will perform as fast as the Formula or large Slalom boards and a new, updated, more powerful rig with a bigger wind range and an extremely colorful fresh new look. The RS:X will remain the cheapest sailing boat with the most consistent performance within the Olympic sailing scene.

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