Neilson GPS Challenge 2010 Results

Sam Ross announces the results of the 2010 Neilson GPS Challenge

Neilson's new Tushy X-15, by

This year at Neilson Dahab we have been running a GPS challenge. Guests looking to beat their personal bests and also beat the rest have had the added incentive of Aeron booms up for grabs from Tushingham.

After loads of involvement across the whole range of abilities this summer there could only be one male and one female winner.

Ray smith takes home the crown with an impressive 33.7 knots and Miranda Robinson tops the ladies fleet with an impressive 26 knots.

Since the successful Tushingham photoshoot out here recently we now have the Lightning and X-15 to bolster the speed stable of equipment out in Dahab.

We also have new clinics coming soon, so all your windsurfing needs will be covered in 2011.

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