North Sails 2013 Teaser

Hot off the press we have some early information for you on the 2013 North Sails range…

For 2013 NorthSails will come up with two brand new wave/freestyle sails.

One is a 4 batten COMPETITION FREESTYLE <> WAVE Sail. Pure Monofilm and super light.

This is Gollito’s new sail. He took also part in the development and is now super happy with his new “Freestyle Weapon”. However, the sail works perfectly as a 4-batten wave sail, offering a pricey (due to super-light monofilm construction) alternative.

Check out the sail in action in these clips from PWA Podersdorf:

Royal Captain from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.


The other sail is more wave oriented, no pictures on that one so far but we will have some more information for you very soon!

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