OTC Puravida

With the Olympic Sailing Teams in full training and preparation, OTC Puravida have closed their doors until September when they will re-open with a bang just after supporting the National Windsurfing & SUP Festival!

Since launching in March 2012 the centre has been very busy with newcomers to our sport learning from scratch, intermediates progressing and testing the latest kit…..and lots of boards and sails sold of the back of genuine test sessions right out off our front door!

OTC Pura Vida

Having already cleared much of our current stock in anticipation of the awesome new 2013 products to be filling the racks in september, there are a few new and used boards left that we would like to offer readers and anyone who ‘likes’ our facebook page an unmissable deal on!

If you visit the Puravida Boardriders facebook page and hit the ‘like’ button, then check it each day until the end of the month to view our new and used special offer windsurf boards.  Each board will have an offer
price that you can call or email us to secure, or you can mail a bid and see if you might get it for even less……but that’s only if no-one else snaps it up first!

Please visit the page and follow our offers until the end of the month

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