Oxbow Ride The Sky Test

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 was another standard spring day at Hookipa Beach Park. World champions, top pro’s, local standouts, and traveling tourists alike hit the water to take advantage of the consistent winds and waves the north shore of Maui has to offer on the regular. Typically, only the few who stop at the beach or pass by on the highway get to enjoy the action live. However, on this Wednesday, extended that opportunity to anyone who could get online, broadcasting live-streaming video of all the action as it unfolded. In addition, a handful of riders at Hookipa rode with a new piece of technology that could record and transmit their jump heights so viewers who were watching online knew instantly how high the rider jumped.

Objective competitions, enhanced on site reports, training analysis, legitimate bragging rights, and more, this new twist of having 3D information about a rider brings to light endless possibilities. How this information will be used in reality and to what extent will it have value has yet to be fully determined, but one thing we know for sure is it’s pretty fun to jump head to head against your friends knowing exact heights! Just to double check, we headed down to Hookipa for a live test to see if others felt the same way on the 27th, while waiting for the right conditions for Oxbow’s Ride The Sky, the first competition to feature this new format.