Paul Zeper at Amstelmeer

Watch some action from Dutch freestyler Paul Zeper: This is the first clip for my new project called: Monthly Movie Updates. Part 1 is a short clip, where I used the GoPro for the first time. So more like a test movie. It features some action over 2 days sailing at Amstelmeer. I used my Hotsails 4.1 and 4.7 Bolt and Patrik Diethelm 99 Freestyle.
Every month I will make a short clip. This can be a windsurf action clip, or a lifestyle clip, depending on the situation. Next clip will probably have a PWA Podersdorf section.
Enjoy this clip and stay tuned for part 2!!
Edit: Paul Zeper
Filming: Paul Zeper / Jochem Zielstra
Camera: GoPro HD
Programs: Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects

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