Pettifer Signs Lucrative Sponsorship Deal

Rumour has it that Simon Pettifer, a regular top finisher on the British Slalom tour, has signed a new lucrative sponsorship deal with non-other than leading haircare brand ‘Timotei’.

Simon Pettifer

The Simmer/Tabou rider, known for his luscious blonde locks has apparently been snapped up by the brand as they spotted his numerous modelling shots that have been circulating Facebook.

A source close to Pettifer has said he is thrilled with the deal and cannot wait to see how Timotei will further improve his look.

Further rumours state the this deal is complete nonsense and a rumour that has ‘got out of hand’, but here at Boards we simply don’t believe that. If anyone can prove to the haircare industry that they should support windsurfing it is Simon Pettifer.

Simon Pettifer