Plans change for Paskowski

Some unhappy news just in from freestyle supremo and Four Dimensions producer Andre Paskowski

Andre Paskowski

Last week I had some positive news. I was happy with my first result of the season, looked forward to all the upcoming events around Europe and of course looked forward to an exciting trip with Chico and Edvan from the Windjeri Team.

Well, things changed!

Beginning of this week I checked with my doctor if I am fully fit.

All the different tests came to one shocking and not expected result: I have cancer.

Luckily the cancer I have is the best one to heal so I will be back in shape to 99% but it takes a while. I will face a operation end of this week and a chemotherapy after that.

Can’t imagine how it will be to sit in the hospital during summer reading all the news from around the world

After I am 100% fit again I will surly invest all my power to get back better next year! Also I will invest some time during endless hours in the hospital to hopefully get a new movie project started!

All the best from Hamburg,


Andre in action at the recent PWA Podersdorf event. Photo: PWA / JC

Get well soon Andre – we’ll be keeping up with your progress on

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