Poole Slalom – 29 May 2010 report

Fred Willis – BOARDS’ domestic racing correspondent, and sometime Ad Manager – fills us in on the latest round of hometown Poole Slalom. Photos: Simon Petifer

Fred in full flight

Sunshine on a rainy day…

Saturday 29th May was designated the weeks Poole Slalom day and promised 20 kt winds veering from the south round to the west. For that reason we designated Baiter Park which can cope with the different directions and also makes life a tad easier in the flatter water and easy for laying the buoys for a figure of 8 course.

We had around 15 sailors on two shifts throughout the day and newcomers joined in such as Mandy and Simon. This was Simon’s second Poole Slalom and he was loving it. There is no better way to improve your freeride sailing than being forced to gybe in the pack and it enables you to see how it should be done. Usually from the waterstart position though.

Local sailor Alex dominated the racing on his Sputnik 280 and V8 sail. It just proves that you don’t need to have all the latest gear to be competitive and sailing skill stands out.

Later in the day Ed Britnell arrived advantage of the fleets tiredness. He showed the rest how to do it in the falling breeze.

If you fancy getting involved, join the MPORA Poole Slalom group.

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