Proffitt In Danger?

True or false…

Ben Proffitt has received some devastating news, if he doesn’t reduce the misuse of his voice in the near future we could be looking at a future without the dulcet tones of our favourite PWA commentator:

“Voice misuse and overuse puts you at risk for developing benign vocal cord lesions or a vocal cord haemorrhage.

“Excessively loud, prolonged, and/or inefficient voice use can lead to vocal difficulties, just like improper lifting can lead to back injuries. Excessive tensionin the neck and laryngeal muscles, along with poor breathing technique during speech leads to vocal fatigue, increased vocal effort, and hoarseness.”

Proffitt has been warned by doctors of the dangers, but will he listen? 

Ben Proffitt on the mic. Image credit Simon Crowther.


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