Proffitt Waits For The Call

What happens if any of the ten chosen riders drop out of the Red Bull Storm Chase?

The answer is that one of the substitutes will move into the spot.

Waiting patiently for his call is Simmer sponsored rider Ben Proffitt.

Here’s what he has to say on the Storm Chase website


Storm chasing is what most windsurfers in Europe live for! When that low pressure pops up on the weather map sicky’s get pulled, wives and girlfriends get stood up to make a date with a big fat mother of a storm that will take your breath away and give you the biggest blow you’ve ever had. This is what I live for and I want to go on a date with a big fat mother and get it on film…

Bring it on!

Keep in the loop by visiting the Red Bull Storm Chase site here

Proffitt boosting on a heavy wave
Proff running for cover

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