Protect Your Head

Windsurfing isn’t a dangerous business, but it can be if you don’t really think about your personal safety. Things CAN and sometimes do go wrong, who remembers this tale of a Hayling Island windsurf that turned into near disaster from Alex Powell?

There’s a whole host of things you can look at doing or using to protect yourself: buoyancy aid, carrying a flare, checking the conditions a lot more closely, always sailing with a friend or telling someone when to expect you in and where you are sailing. Another thing to consider, especially in more hardcore conditions, is a helmet.

They may have previously thought of as a little uncool, but that’s all changed now. Gath make some of the coolest helmets on the market, designed with extreme sports and windsurfing in mind. There is a whole range of designs, different colours and specific features, so there is a helmet to suit everyone. Check out the full Gath range here.

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