PWA Tenerife Trials – Graham Woods

Ahead of the PWA Tenerife competition we are catching up with the British guys (Graham Woods, Aleksy Gayda and Freddy Ide) who have made it through, into the trials and the youth competition.

First up we catch up with Graham, who used to live in Tenerife for 4 years working at the OTC (now the TWS), but for the last two years has been out in Australia working a 9-5 job and enjoying the delights of world-class breaks.

Graham Woods at Coronation Beach, in WA. Image credit Justin Stuart.

“I feel pretty excited about entering the trials here in Tenerife. I used to live here for 4 years and have been sailing a lot in similar conditions at Coronation beach, in Australia, as well as a lot of very good wave destinations like Margaret River and Gnaraloo.

“The last few years living on the other side of the world I have not been focused on competitions at all, more just on having fun when windsurfing. It has really got me to fall in love with windsurfing all over again. I want to try and keep this attitude while in the competition so I don’t get stressed out and worried about doing well.

“I feel pretty happy with my sailing at the moment and have been surfing a lot recently aswell, so I am really trying to combine the two styles together into my wave riding, so it looks a lot smoother and powerful.

“There are a lot of exceedingly good riders in the trials alone, but I am still going to be pushing to get into the main event and through a few rounds. The main thing though is to be sailing with my friends and cheering everyone on.”