Video: RBSC Ireland!

Monday 28th January
First video footage from the Storm Chase!
And further up the coast, the bigger waves hit.

Mullaghmore Jan 27th 2013 from Tam Mullen on Vimeo.

Sailors advancing to Mission 2 of Red Bull Storm Chase are: Traversa, Bruch, Taboulet, Browne, Fernandez & Swift. Congratulations to all!
RBSC heat order!

Over the weekend Storm Chase plans went into full swing, with sailors, judges and organisers making their way form the far corners of the globe to Brandon Bay in Ireland for the first storm chase.

It was a close choice between Brandon Bay and Magheroarty in Northern Ireland, but as the storm came through further south than some expected it just had to be Brandon.
Competitors are currently readying themselves and conditions are already ramping up with winds blowing over 100mph! Skippers meeting is about to take place, so we should know more details very soon.

Keep up to date with all the latest Storm Chase news on their website here. 

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