Revival For Walvis Bay Speedweek

The Walvis Bay Speedweek is making a comeback in 2012!

The demand for an event at this legendary spot has become apparent over the last couple of years. With the fantastic speeds achieved in Luderitz the record chase has been well and truly taken away from Walvis Bay. What remains is the best speedsailing event venue in the world where up to 80 competitors can be accommodated on the speedstrip at any time. Windsurfers and kitesurfers can also compete at the same time. With GPS timing technology there is no need for a complicated and costly video timing system and this has brought the cost of running an event of this type down dramatically.

The intention of the organisers is to bring together speedsailing enthusiasts of all types at this venue to compete against each other in an open and friendly basis in the true spirit of speedsailing.

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Walvis Bay Speedweek 2012