RRD Fire Storm Ltd

RRD Fire Storm Ltd

RRD introduce their sporty new Fire Storm Ltd Edition freeride board…

“Enthusiastically fast and fun”, the Fire Storm line is the latest addition to the RRD freeride family. Based on the scoop rockerline of the hugely successful X-Fire boards, the thinner volume configuration and narrower tail allow these designs to be highly competitive with burning acceleration after gybes, yet also fantastically comfortable freeriding machines. The real Gran Turismo line of windsurfing!

FEATURES: Each board has a different length and width to accommodate the appropriate balance of the average rigs you are going to use on them. A simple vee with double concave bottom, and a slight flat vee tail release, simplifies the water dynamics and creates a very effective, sharp feeling, compact and fast board in all conditions. Thick 8mm deck-pads with extra moulded grip smoothen up the ride. The Firestorm Limited Edition is equipped with a fast G-10 CNC RC 2 Maui Fin Company fin with a Powerbox base and superior DaKine Primo straps to complete the package. Available in 111, 120 and 138L with widths of 68, 72 and 77cm respectively.

TECHNOLOGY: EPS. Full PVC 3mm top and bottom. 80g UD 80 on deck and glass. 160g glass bottom. Custom Made technology.

Available from all good dealers – check for a full list of outlets, click for more…

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