RRD Hardcore Wave V4 Singles

RRD Hardcore

Seasprite Sports introduce the Hard Core Wave LTD Single V4 to RRD’s comprehensive new wave board line. These boards are ready for sharp turns and control and with this in mind RRD have produced a hi-performance wave-riding machine that satisfies their most demanding riders and customers that usually look to custom boards for riding powerful and steep waves, or staying in control in high winds. The Hardcore wave V4 is the definitive answer to those riders that do not wish to compromise on sharpness of turns and want to be at the right time in the right place on the wave. The Single fin set-up allows the boards to have looser bottom turns and very sharp precise top turns, whilst maximizing grip and control with that classic feel. These rippers come in a full sandwich Limited Edition construction and in volumes of 68, 76 and 84 litres with respective widths of 53, 54 and 55.5cms, and a length of 229 and equipped with MFC K – One fins in US boxes. More info on and available now from your nearest legendary RRD dealer,

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