RRD Head to Boardwise Aberdovey Demo

The Boardwise demo at Aberdovey is sure to go with a bang this weekend as many of the top brands head over to Wales for the Bonfire Bash. RRD and the man himself Dave White will of course be in attendance and it sounds like they are ready for another fantastic weekend on the water.  

We’ve just checked the forecast for the Boardwise demo at Aberdovey and it looks like an explosive weekend. Dave White’s packed three vans with the latest boards and sails from RRD and is heading down there as we write. We know he’s got a windsurfing addiction so if you want to join him for an early fix he should be there from around 1pm.

Inside tip: if you want to have the big man’s lens focusing on you, grab a RRD board or sail and you’re bound to come in to his sights.
All images © Dave White.
For more about Boardwise and the demo weekend head to. 

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