RRD X-Fire V5

After the success of the previous X-Fire, V5 of this popular board to set to cause a stir on the slalom scene next year. We hear more from RRD on one of their most successful boards…

RRD X-Fire 129

Key Features: 

Four new designs (90,114, 122 and 129) going fast has never been so easy!

All new TT Tail, which delivers even more control and stability than the V4 and makes gybing and acceleration even better.

New back foot rail design gives comfort plus smooth power on the legs when you need it most.

RRD X-Fire








Technology for 129-122-144: EPS/Full PVC 3mm top and bottom/Biaxial carbon 100 grams on decl/80 Grams UD 80 on bottom/Custom made technology.

Technology for 105-98-90: EPS/Full PVC 3mm tip and bottom/80 Grams UD80 on Deck and Glass/160 Grams Glass Bottom/Custom made technology.


Presenting the RRD XFire Part One…

And Part Two…

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