Back, By Popular Demand

NeilPryde are proud to announce the welcome return of the RS:Slalom MK6! They’ve listened to what you want and now this slalom sail has been tweaked for even better performance – whilst remaining simple to use!

More info from NeilPryde: 

RS:Slalom MK6
RS:Slalom MK6

The RS:Slalom MK6 is designed on the concept of real world racing. With long distance and GPS sailing trends continuing and the resurgence in slalom racing, the MK6 brings World Cup winning RS:Racing technology to a wide range of performance minded sailors. RS:Slalom MK6 takes the design pedigree of NeilPryde’s RS:Racing sail and builds it into a high performance yet user-friendly slalom package. It features a combination of enhanced bottom end power, excellent top end speed, stability and exceptional rotation at every gybe.

Check out more about the sail on the NeilPryde site here.