Sam Sills Q&A

Tushingham/Starboard rider Sam Sills gets plonked in the hot seat and grilled over his windsurfing career to date.

Q: Age
A: 19

Q: Current sponsors?
A: Tushingham, Starboard, Predictwind, SKANDIA TEAM GBR

Q: Years windsurfing?
A: 10

Q: How did you first get into the sport?
A: Sailing with my father, windsurfing looked so much cooler, so I tried it and haven’t stopped since!

Q: Favourite discipline?
A: Slalom!

Q: Competition discipline?
A: Slalom, racing and wave (when I get the opportunity)

Q: Competition results?
A: 2 x World Champion,  7 x World Medallist

Q: Favourite UK location?
A: Qwithian or Daymer Bay in Cornwall

Q: Favourite International destination?
A: New Zealand

Q: Plans for the next year?
A: Learn to Kite Board now windsurfing will not be in the Olympics for 2016 and continue studying at university

Q: What are your ultimate ambitions you want to achieve in windsurfing?
A: Have as much fun as possible, win an Olympic Medal, become one of windsurfing legends.

Q:What’s your best kit set up?
A: Tushingham X15 7.0 and a Starboard iSonic 107

Q: What’s your favourite move?
A: Massive Stalled Forward!

Q: Best windsurfing moment?
A: Clinching Bronze medal in my last Youth RSX worlds in the medal race!

Q: What gives you the biggest buzz in windsurfing?
A: It’s got to be the thrill of overtaking people in races!

Q: Have you ever thought about giving up?

Q: How do you prepare before you go out on the water?
A: Sun cream, banana and water

Q: How do you plan your windsurfing sessions?
A: Look and follow forecasts then head in search of the perfect conditions.

Q: Favourite food?
A: Eggs

Q: Drink of choice?
A: Vanilla Smoothie

Q: Hardest bit for you about windsurfing?
A: Staying focused under pressure

Q: Do you have three top tips you can give to someone starting out?
A: Talk to guys on the beach, make friends and enjoy every moment!

Q: Do you have any other hobbies interests?
A: Surfing, SUP, Kiting, Design/art

Q: Can you tell us three things people might not know about you?
A: I’m a vegetarian, I live in Cornwall and I am currently studying Yacht Design

Q: Can you describe your ideal session to us?
A: Fully overpowered on my 4.0 Rock in cross onshore conditions with my best mates, it’s so much fun!

Q: Finally Sam, if you had never got into windsurfing what do you think you would be doing now?
A: Surfing most likey

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Sam Sills