Severne Racing – Dedicated Website

Introducing Severne’s new dedicated racing website… homepage

Rolling off the back of their success on the PWA Slalom Tour this year, Severne sails have created their own dedicated racing website. There is whole host of information on it, including; products, videos, specs, gallery, team riders and the all important ‘where to buy’. Go find out more for yourself by following the link below.

Here is Severne’s home page statement;

‘In 2010 SEVERNE launched the Living Wing concept. Based on the auto-adjusting properties of bird wings, this concept revolutionized the way we think about sails: no longer are they static, lifeless foils, they have evolved into dynamic wings with active flex. They have become alive.

In 2011 the program objectives became reality; Bjoern Dunkerbeck won the PWA Slalom World Championship. To challenge the domination of old guard was one thing; we re-wrote history and won with the fastest race sail that exists today.’

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