Severne’s ‘Living Wing II’

Severne Reflex II

In 2010 Severne launched the Living Wing concept. Based on the auto-adjusting properties of bird wings, this concept revolutionised the way we think about sails: no longer are they static, lifeless foils, they have evolved into dynamic wings with active flex. They have become alive.

The proven performance of the program ensured an incredibly successful season, with Karin Jaggi winning the 2010 PWA Overall World Championship Title while Bjoern Dunkerbeck took the Costa Brava event by storm, is widely regarded to have the fastest straight line speed on the slalom course and is now totally dominating the final event of the year in Sylt.

Severne is now a leading brand in racing.

Severne’s goal for 2011 was clear; refine and perfect a proven performer.

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