Simmer 2012 Flatwater Sails

Ben Proffitt on the 2012 Simmer V-Max

Simmer Style are proud to announce the launch of their 2012 flatwater range…

For 2012 Simmer Chief Designer, Tomas Persson has reduced the psychical weight of all the flatwater sails, this has been achieved by applying more 2 MIL Q-Ply in the top, also by making the batten pockets tighter in the top 1/3 of the sails, which also create a more precise batten profile stability. New for 2012 is also that 2XC comes with two sets of cambers which makes it adaptable for both SDM and RDM masts.

The 2012 flatwater range consist of Veron, V-Max, 2-XC, SCS and SCR. The new SCR will be launched in December.

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