Sims in Spartan

Rising star Adam Sims has signed to Spartan Wetsuits for 2011…

Adam's early Christmas pressies!

Having recently sailed in -6 degrees with two suits I was pretty happy when John and Mark at Spartan wetsuits offered me sponsorship. Being able to go sailing in just the one wetsuit is definitely much better when it comes to flexibility and I’m a huge fan of the way they design and manufacture their gear, with a lot of rider input and feedback. It’s great to be part of such an awesome team, especially as I have quite a few friends involved as well.

Most importantly though is that the wetsuits are brilliant, the reflex is super warm and flexible. It’s not just one of those ones that claims to be, you really do notice it when you put it on. I really am happy to be a part of such a well-established brand, and with a name like Spartan I feel pretty invincible whenever I get inside one of their suits. I’m looking forward to all the future developments with the brand and the team and at promoting them as much as possible.

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