New Starboard iSonic, Futura and iSonic Speed Special

Bjorn Dunkerbeck on the new Starboard iSonic

With the days getting shorter and the winds getting stronger, the new iSonics, Futuras and iSonic Speed Specials are in the shops now, ready to make the most of the upcoming storm sessions. The latter is the definite answer for those looking to up their personal GPS records, while the new iSonic features six upgrades, creating a situation where more than half of the top ten slalom sailors in the PWA ride an iSonic (that’s twice as much as in 2009). And last but not least, the new Futura is also in stores now: an advanced freerider with a maximum wind range, early planing power and a very high speed potential.

These all-new shapes can be ordered now at your favourite Starboard dealer. For more information please visit: