Save Gwithian – Stop Sewage Discharge

One of the UK’s most loved windsurfing breaks, Gwithian in Cornwall, is have raw sewage pumped onto it’s shores.

This is disgusting and we definitely don’t want to encounter any sewage whilst wavesailing at this beautiful beach! More info below and you can sign the petition to stop the sewage here.

Dany Bruch of Germany and Marcillio Browne of Brazil at RBSC Gwithian, image credit Si Crowther/Red Bull.

This is the third time in two weeks South West Water have polluted our bathing water during hot dry weather and bathers have had to evacuate. They are discharging untreated sewage during busy periods and blaming “recent heavy rainfall” ? Today my son was on his work experience with a surf school at Godrevy teaching a group of ten school children in the water ; without warning they were surrounded by raw sewage. I was affected this week with a nasty stomach bug as were the holiday makers staying at my chalet, after swimming at Gwithian beach. I had to have time off and my guests had part of their holiday ruined due to illness. We pay the highest water rates in the country and yet after years of campaigning to stop untreated sewage being discharged on our beautiful beaches, SWW have not addressed this issue.


Please sign this petition and force SWW to clean up it’s act now. It is totally disgusting and unacceptable!

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