The most talked about event of the year

The most talked about event of the year, the SWA Nationals, is now 26th – 27th April at Weymouth, hosted by SUWC with the support of WPNSA and the OTC. The event date was previously in mid March and has been changed because:

– The possibility of severe cold with 200 students camping!

– The desire to maximise participation numbers!

– Because the SWA committee want to make it the best event yet!

The SWA apologies for the inconvenience of the event date change but hope the new collaboration with WPNSA and a warmer more windy event date will allow this years Nationals to be a very enjoyable event for all!

More info including how to enter and the full party line up will be coming up in the next few weeks!

Student Nationals 2014, will you be there?

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