Tiree Day Six – Proffitt Talks

From our chat with single elimination winner Ben Proffitt it sounds like he’s pretty happy with the win:

“Waaaahhoooooo! Yup, super happy.. it wasn’t an easy final but I got my tactics spot on by going out really early for the heat, which meant I picked up a set on the ‘Go’ while Phil and Adam were still heading out.

“I knew it was close with Ross and I’m super happy to win it. But it’s not over yet… we have wind tomorrow so the double will be happening. It’s going to be tough and it will be interesting to see who fights their way through, the fleet is rock hard with most being ranked in the top 15 in the world!

“But rest assured I will be doing my best to hold onto the top spot… also have to say well done to Justyna and Scotty, as that means in the single elimination we have three Simmer style winners, so happy days!!!”

More about yesterday’s action on page two…

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