Training camp with Moreno twins & Dani Bruch

Tired of not being able to Windsurf in the Winter? Don’t know what to try to exit the forward before landing? Now your enjoying windsurfing in the summer but what do you do when the wind stops, you know “that cold” is coming sooner or later. So the world champions Iballa and Daida Moreno and professional rider Dani Bruch propose you a challenge……. continue improving your level in Winter and enjoy sailing together from 26 to 31 of October with the best conditions on offer from El Medano Tenerife.

To Participate in this experience your gender does not matter, just be over eighteen, have an average level of windsurfing and complete this form #. Do not Delay in making your reservation because only the first 30 applicants will enjoy the event. Why so few seats? quite simply their idea, Morenotwins and Dani Bruch is to form small groups depending on your level so that each student can receive personalised instruction. Our “teaching” will be backed by video and extensive tuition in the water to advise and correct those mistakes that keep you from making further progress.

There are different tailored packages to make sure all enjoy the experience. This event will be full of surprises, incredible gifts and of course the ability to enjoy your love of windsurfing with new friends from around the world.

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