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Moffatt’s new ride

Having finished 12th after this year’s UKWA wave / BWA contest season, I have recently moved to Starboard / Tushingham.

Based in Bath I’ve enjoyed a couple of good sessions this winter in strong wind and wave conditions in Devon and Wales on the Rock sails and my new Quad 81, which I’m having a lot of fun with. I’m looking forward to getting hold of the new sail designs in 2010 which is very exciting. Also the Aeron booms are stunning. If you’re in the Bristol area get in touch with Rich and Nick at Windsurfer’s World to have a chat about all the gear.

The latest prototype suit from Gul I’ve been testing is doing the business and feels great. Hopefully the Gold stays as it’s been getting many positive comments on the beach!

I am also working with Dan Cossins at Body Development to maximise my time training which has really been paying off. 



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